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Monday, February 25, 2013

Tips I've learned while doing Filet Crochet

Here I will post little tips and tricks that I have learned while doing filet crochet. Check back often as I will add snippets and tidbits as the mood strikes me and learn from my mistakes!

Tip 1: COUNT EVERY STITCH!!! Ok, sorry for yelling, but that is the first thing I learned while doing filet crochet. As I progressed through my pattern, I got cocky and thought that I did not need to count each and every stitch and that I could just use the row below to pinpoint where my  next stitch would go. BIG MISTAKE! About 3 rows later I realized that I had made a mistake and had to rip out like 5 rows and redo them. Ugh.

Tip 2: When doing the math for solid blocks in 3dc mesh, you will ALWAYS have an odd number. If you don't you have miscounted.

Tip 3: If your last stitch ends in a chain space, you have counted wrong. You will ALWAYS end in a double crochet.

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