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Monday, March 11, 2013

Gauge Swatches

When looking at filet crochet patterns, I have trouble imagining how big the finished piece might be. I know that I crochet loosely and I already use a hook 1 size smaller than the pattern calls for, but I still have trouble picturing how big the finished piece might be. So I came up with this idea.

Make a gauge swatch book!

  1. Crochet a 10 x 10 block swatch.
  2. Use double sided tape, and tape it to a piece of card stock.
  3. Write down, under each swatch, pertinent information. Like the hook you used, the yarn size and what medium you used ie: 3 dc mesh or 4 dc mesh.
  4. Make swatches for each medium and needle that you work with. Different size yarns, threads and hooks.
  5. Put your swatch sheets in a clear sheet protector and even put them in a binder.

The next time you are perusing patterns, pull out your gauge swatches so you will have an idea of the size your finished project might be!

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